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Dental Professionals of Wisconsin (DPOW), a network of dental practices in six counties of Southeast Wisconsin, links dental professionals with patients and reimbursement sources such as insurance companies and health maintenance organizations (HMOs).  By providing administrative support, DPOW has freed up its member offices to concentrate on what they do best - providing quality dental services.


As an individual practice association (IPA), Dental Professionals of Wisconsin oversees the gamut of dental service provision. From surveying facilities where services are performed, to credentialing performing providers, to establishing qualifying offices as part of its network, to ensuring quality services for patients, to processing dental claims, to reimbursing care providers, DPOW is involved in every aspect of the patient-provider- reimbursement source relationship.



•  Streamline Prior Authorization

•  Strategic Office Locations

•  Provider Friendly

•  Ongoing Network Development

•  Extensive Specialty Care Network

•  Credentialing

•  Quality Assurance

•  Partnering

•  Unparalleled Stability

•  Flawless Data Recapture

•  Benchmark For Provider Networks

Dental Professionals

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