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•  Extensive Specialty Care Network

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By becoming a Dental Professionals of Wisconsin (DPOW) dental care provider, you and your practice will be entitled to an unparalleled network of experienced claims processing, reimbursement, and patient referral professionals.  We put patients in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Kenosha, Racine, Ozaukee, and Washington counties who have contracted dental insurance, whether public or private plans, in touch with our member offices for the provision of the full range of their dental care needs.


Dental Professionals of Wisconsin, an individual practice association (IPA), is qualified to survey your facility, credential dentists, and provide the quality assurance, claims processing, and network development support your office needs.  DPOW processes patient claims using a state-of-the- art computer database, ensuring prompt, accurate payment for the services you've provided for your insured patients.


Utilization Management decision making is based on appropriateness of care and service. The DPOW group does not compensate practitioners or individuals making UM decisions for denial of service decisions. The DPOW group does not offer incentives to encourage denials. UM decisions are based on existence of coverage.


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